Wills, Probate & Tax

Assisting in the probate process including will writing and tax planning.

They say that nothing in life is certain, except for death and taxes. That may be true, but there is a minefield of uncertainty surrounding both issues and our job is to help you pick the best way through it.

The two subjects are, of course, intimately related, and should be considered together, with two common aims: to make life as simple and comfortable as possible for those who survive you, and to keep as much of your estate as possible out of the taxman’s grasp.

Hawkins Ryan can assist you with both will writing and tax planning. Working alongside accountants, land agents and others, we will guide you through the complexities of inheritance tax, business asset taper relief, and agricultural relief, for example. We can also advise you on Powers of Attorney, which will enable your nominee to run your affairs if you should become unable to look after them for yourself.

Our service is tailored to the needs of you and your family. We are happy to work on behalf of whoever you choose to appoint as an executor of your estate, or to act as administrators ourselves, dealing with every aspect of the estate, right down to house clearance and asset disposal.

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