Divorce and Civil Partnership dissolution

Providing expert guidance in divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

Many people want to ensure that their divorce proceedings are dealt with professionally, and handled in tandem with matters related to finances and children.

Most divorces nowadays follow the “special procedure”, a streamlined process intended to make getting a divorce simpler and easier. Unless there are particular complications in your case, the “special procedure” means you will not have to attend court simply in order to get your divorce.

In other respects the law is surprisingly old fashioned and costs orders are sometimes made against Respondents in “fault” divorces.

We can help by:

  • providing expert guidance so that you know what your options are
  • saving you time and effort through our familiarity with the legal process
  • protecting your interests by negotiating with your partner or spouse on your behalf in relation to issues such as costs
  • dealing with complications that arise such as service problems
  • if you are the Respondent, advising how to protect your position.

We will:

  • advise concerning grounds and the evidence required by the court
  • draft the petition so that it satisfies the court without further damaging your relationship
  • prepare all other necessary court documentation
  • deal with issues relating to service of the court documents
  • explain the procedure and timescales involved.

There is no substitute for obtaining professional advice at an early stage in the breakdown of your relationship. Every person’s situation is different, and advice early on can often prevent problems, heartache and expense later.

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