Regulatory Issues (Health & Safety and Licensing)

Advising on key areas of regulatory issues including health & safety and statutory.

Ask any businessman what is the single most restrictive factor in developing his business, and chances are the answer will be the degree of regulation from both central government and the EU.

The tangle of red tape seems to become denser by the day. Nonetheless, we are all obliged to live with it, and every company must minimise its exposure to possible breaches of statutory regulations. Employment law, health and safety, personal and premises licensing… the maze of regulations is daunting, and no one firm can specialise in all areas. What Hawkins Ryan can do, however, is advise on key areas, and provide an overview to help you avoid problems before they arise. We can help with risk assessments, for example, which will not only make your workplace safer, but also reduce your liability in the event of an HSE prosecution.

At the same time, we work closely with specialists in all the relevant areas of statutory regulation, to keep you in touch with the latest developments and their implications for your business.

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