Disputes & Debt Collection

Experienced and commercially aware debt collection dispute solutions and advice.

Wherever there is an agreement, there is also the potential for disagreement – and whenever disputes arise, it is in everyone’s best interests to resolve them quickly, amicably and economically. We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome, either by direct negotiation, via independent mediation, or, as a last resort, through the courts.

Bad debt, too, is a major problem for business, especially small companies. (Paying creditors in 30 days while your debtors take 90 is a common recipe for disaster.) We will bring an experienced and commercially aware approach to your cashflow problems. Our team will help you to recover what is owed, but more than that, they will advise you on how to avoid bad debt problems in the first place, with professionally drafted terms and conditions of business, and improved in-house systems for cashflow control.

Occasionally, of course, it may be necessary to sue. But before you take this course, we will advise you on your prospects of success, the likely costs of your case, and your chances of recovering your money even if you win. As always, our view will be determined by commercial reality and long experience — our main concern is that you should see the maximum return at the minimum cost.

Contact email address:- disputes@hawkinsryan.com