Mishandling of Personal Injury Claims

February 7, 2012 | ,

With the surge of interest in personal injury claims mainly by claims companies who then refer the case on to a firm of Solicitors there appears to be an increase in the number of Claimants who have been dissatisfied with the compensation received by them. This according to a senior member of the Personal Injury Team at a leading London Barrister’s Chambers.

We acted ourselves for a young girl who had been represented by a large well known firm. Her case had been referred to them by such a claims company. The Solicitors happened to be hundreds of miles from where she lived and apart from not being able to have a face to face meeting to discuss her concerns she had difficulty in speaking on the telephone. They obtained a medical report and valued her claim at £2,500.

By listening to her concerns and particularly noting the advice she had been given by her GP we took the case on. The first thing we did was set about doing was to obtain a report from a senior Orthopaedic Consultant and an MRI scan, funded by an interim payment from the third party insurers. We settled her claim at £23,000 together with costs.

If she had taken the earlier advice and accepted £2,500 she would now have the potential to claim against the previous Solicitors.

If you believe that you have been put in this position you may well have a professional negligence claim against the Solicitors. What can you do? Obviously seek advice. We are always happy to give 30 minutes free advice in order to ascertain whether you have a case and if you do we may be able to act for you on a “no win no fee” basis. We can see you at either one of our offices by arrangement. Please call David Gowlet.

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