HLS was set up by the Partners of Hawkins Solicitors to provide alternative online legal solutions for a variety of circumstances to complement the services of Hawkins Solicitors.

HLS offers an online solution to the members of One Certainty Limited in England, Northern Ireland and Wales who wish to safeguard the distribution of their assets in the future.

We offer three types of service in relation to the preparation of wills:


An auto generated will for those with straight forward circumstances to be printed at home, signed and kept somewhere safe at their own discretion.


An auto generated will for those with straightforward circumstances but is checked over by us, then printed, bound and sent out for signing. When returned we will store it in a water and fire proof safe until it is called upon.


When a member’s circumstances are not straightforward an auto generated will is unfortunately not an option. We will happily call a member and get the information we need over the phone to draft a suitable will.

Hawkins Legal Solutions Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 7863807.

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