Hawkins Ryan releases new Mayor

May 9, 2018 | ,

We are very sad to announce that Nick Daubney, our Practice Director for the last 18 months has retired from the firm. Nick, who was the Leader of the Conservative run administration on King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council, is due to become Mayor of the Borough at the annual mayor making ceremony at the Town Hall in King’s Lynn on Thursday 10 May.

Nick was the first non lawyer to be involved in the administration of the firm and was responsible for all non fee earning aspects of the firm. He brought a new eye (perhaps even a new broom) to the firm and was a great influence on the drive to update and modernise the firm. During his time with us he introduced new staff appraisal methods, simplified our internal administration and oversaw the introduction of a brand new IT system. Coming from a consumer service background, Nick knows the importance of client satisfaction and how to achieve it.

Speaking on his departure, the firm’s senior partner, Paul Sheerin said

“It is hard to over estimate the impact that Nick has had on the firm. He loves King’s Lynn, he has spent many years as a tireless supporter of the business community. We have benefitted from that and while we are sad that he is now leaving us, we are delighted by the decision to elect him Mayor of King’s Lynn for the coming year. Like his father before him, he will make an excellent Mayor and King’s Lynn is lucky to have public servants of his calibre who are prepared to put themselves out for their community.”

Nick will not be entirely lost to the firm. He has agreed to chair the committee which has been put together to organise the centenary celebrations for the firm in 2019.

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