Conversion to LLP

June 1, 2016 |

We are pleased to announce that Hawkins Ryan Solicitors will convert into a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) later this year.

Traditionally, firms of Solicitors are partnerships – associations of individuals with the common view to running a business together.  More recently, it has become increasingly common for professional firms to be incorporated into an LLP or a limited company, both of which give more protection from liability than ordinary partnerships.

Paul Sheerin, the Senior Partner at Hawkins Ryan Solicitors, explains, ‘The LLP is more of a modern medium for professional firms, including Solicitors.  This won’t make any difference to the services we provide’.

Conversion to an LLP will enable Hawkins Ryan Solicitors to strengthen its business structure, and we will continue to offer a high quality of personal service to our Clients.

For more information on LLPs, see our Legal Note: What are Limited Liability Partnerships?

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