Financial Settlements

Professional financial legal advice in marriage and divorce.

Financial Law Advice and Representation
How to manage financially after the breakdown of a relationship is a big worry for many clients. There is rarely quite enough money to go round.

Getting the right settlement is very important for you, but few people can afford to run up large legal bills at a time when money is particularly tight.

We offer practical down to earth advice aimed at settling matters amicably out of court whenever possible.

Sometimes, however, a firm approach may be necessary, and we can give you the confidence to stand your ground if that is needed.

We take our instructions from you at every stage. We provide advice and it is up to you to make the decisions. You are the client, and our job is to help you make decisions in an informed way, with full knowledge of your rights, and free of emotional pressure.

If you are planning to get married and wish to protect your assets, perhaps because you have substantial assets and children from a previous relationship, we can advise you on the making of a prenuptial agreement.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am frightened that if I leave him, he will make sure I get nothing.
The courts have wide powers to deal with spouses who refuse to disclose their finances or try to dispose of assets to defeat their partners’ claims. However, you need to take legal advice as soon as possible.

I want to know if I can stay in the house.
If you are married, your right to stay in the family home is protected by law, subject to certain exceptions. However, your rights may need to be protected by registration at the Land Registry, and the position changes at Decree Absolute. Whether you will be able to keep the family home as part of any financial settlement depends on your personal circumstances, and you need personalised advice.

Do we have to go to court?
No. The majority of divorcing and separating couples reach agreement without going to court. There are a number of different ways of negotiating a settlement, and we can advise you concerning these.

I think we can reach agreement between ourselves – do I need to see a solicitor?
You probably do, unless your circumstances are very straightforward. A solicitor can advise you how to make your agreement legally effective, and will also provide general advice which will help you judge whether your agreement is along the right lines.

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