Domestic Violence

Immediate domestic violence legal help and advice.

We can give you immediate advice on sources of help. In serious cases, we can take emergency action to obtain an injunction providing additional police and court protection. It may also be possible to apply for an order removing your partner from your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

The police are pressing charges against my ex and there are bail conditions preventing him from contacting me.. Do I need to do anything else?
You should take preliminary advice from a solicitor. You may need additional protection once the criminal proceedings have finished.

The police say they cannot help and have told me to see a solicitor.
You may be able to take civil action in the county court even though the police do not have enough evidence to press criminal charges.

I don’t want to get my partner into trouble but I do want help getting out of my abusive relationship.
Taking the first legal steps can be an empowering experience. We can also refer you to other agencies who can help.

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