Cohabitation dispute

Advising unmarried couples about separation.

Increasingly these days people live together, and even have children, without getting married. To the outside world they may appear like any other married couple, but the law applicable to them is quite different. There are many myths doing the rounds about “common law marriage”, most of which are wrong. Well meaning friends and family sometimes add to the confusion, and it often simplifies matters to get clear professional advice from the outset.

We can help to avoid disputes arising in the first place, by advising on the preparation of Cohabitation Agreements making clear your intentions concerning your respective property rights.

We can only advise one of you, and the other will need to take independent legal advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that after two years my partner is entitled to half of everything even though we are not married – is this true?
No. There are proposals to reform the law so that cohabiting couples have more rights than they do now, but those proposals have not been implemented. In the meantime there is no magic date, and your partner’s rights depend on other aspects of the law.

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